Business Organizations

    Whether you are starting a new business and deciding how to organize it, need contract advice or an attorney to represent you in a contract dispute, or if you are trying to collect money that is owed to you, Morgan Allen King can help.

    We will help you determine whether you need to operate as a sole proprietor, Limited Liability Company, or a Corporation. Once determining how you should operate, Morgan Allen King will draft and complete the paperwork to create the business entity that is in your best interest while ensuring that your business is in compliance with State and Federal Laws. 

    Moreover, we can review contracts to ensure that you avoid future legal battles or help you to resolve contract disputes you may already have. If you are already operating your business and need advice on your contracts or are having trouble collecting debts, Morgan Allen King can help you. Whatever your business legal issue, please call Morgan Allen King for a free consultation. today at 1-405-691-2555.